Centerton AR Arts and Crafts Fall Festival 2012

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Jewels Under the Sun and Trinkets Too (JUSTT) will be at the Centerton AR Arts and Crafts Fall Festival this year. We’ll be there for three days, Oct. 18th-Oct. 20th.  If your coming in for the famous War Eagle Mills Arts and Crafts Fair, then why not come on out to Centerton!  It’s only 25 miles from War Eagle and they’ve got a full day of activities planned for Saturday, Oct. 20th. So bring the whole family and come on over! Don’t forget to stop by our booth and check out all of our newly hand crafted items. We’ve got beaded jewelry, leather jewelry, hemp jewelry, wood works, and a whole lot more. We’ve got hand crafted items for men, women, and children! 

Come on out and have some fun! 

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Jewels Under the Sun and Trinkets Too (JUSTT) is going to Bikes, Blues and BBQ

Jewels Under the Sun and Trinkets Too (JUSTT) is going to Bikes, Blues and BBQ.

Jewels Under the Sun and Trinkets Too (JUSTT) is going to Bikes, Blues and BBQ

Jewels Under the Sun and Trinkets Too (JUSTT) is going to Bikes, Blues and BBQ, the motorcycle rally in Fayetteville, AR. and we’re going as visitors, not vendors! The family just wants to have some fun!!

We’re located right here in Fayetteville Arkansas where every year since 2000 they’ve held one of the largest motorcycle rallies in the United States. Most of the profits raised by the event are donated to charities, but this is a great time for vendors to get out there and sell their wares. If you check out their website at, you’ll see that there was an estimated 400,000 people here last year for the rally!

This is always a family oriented function and there is fun to be had by all! We plan on going early in the daytime so that we can also stop in at the bead store, Dark Star Visuals. Lots of shopping to be done and a lot of things to see.

I just love all the excitement on famous Dickson St. during the bikers rally! It’s like a Poker run all day long, every day for the whole week! At night, a lot of people dress in costumes and it looks like Mardi gras. Some of the costumes are just awesome and outrageous!

We’ll take our camera and post some pics for you when we get back!


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Jewels Under the Sun and Trinkets Too (JUSTT) NW Arkansas, Craft Shows in the Ozark Mountains.

Jewels Under the Sun and Trinkets Too (JUSTT) NW Arkansas, Craft Shows in the Ozark Mountains..

Jewels Under the Sun and Trinkets Too (JUSTT) NW Arkansas, Craft Shows in the Ozark Mountains.

NW Arkansas is well known for Arts and Craft shows, and if you didn’t know it before, now you do. Here in the Ozark mountains you will find many skilled artists and craftsman. Many of the traditional crafts are still carried on here today, like basket making and quilting, but Fayetteville is known as Funky town so we fit right in! Most of our jewelry isn’t traditional, we like to put a spin on things and try to be really creative and unique (or funky, lol).   We set-up our first booth at the Fayetteville First Thursday Art walk in August and have already been Exhibitors at several more shows since then. In the spring and fall, there is no shortage of Craft Fairs here in the Ozarks!

Oct. 18th, 19th, and 20th, we’ll be at the Centerton, AR  Craft Fair. War Eagle Mills is the big Arts and Craft Fair here in NW Arkansas in both the Spring and Fall. It will be running at the same time we’ll be in Centerton, except on Sunday, the 21st. We’re hoping that everyone will wander on over from War Eagle. We heard that there should be around 250,000 people coming into the area for all the shows! That’s a lot of people looking for hand crafted items!  Maybe some of them will be looking for, unique, one of a kind, and funky!

If your a very artistic, crafty, creative, or even musically inclined individual, maybe you should be calling the Ozark mountains your new home! Especially Fayetteville, AR! Home of Jewels Under the Sun and Trinkets Too (JUSTT).

Come on out to see us in Centerton in October! We’ve got a lot of beautiful one of kind jewelry, wooden plaques, and shelf-sitters made.  If you can’t find just what your looking for, we do accept custom  orders and will work with you until we’ve made it just to your specifications. If we can’t make it, we’ll let you know right up front.

Time to Blog

Unless your blessed with the gift of gab, blogging all the time sure is difficult! Since I’m really new at this, guess I’m going to have to spend some time checking out everybody elses blogs to see what their all writing about.

I did want to let you know that we have entered a few craft shows and have finally made some sales. It really is easier to sell an item in person, than it is over the Internet. Our customers were very excited with the variety of jewelry that we make and a lot of them wanted to try the items on before they made their purchases. We’re learning a lot from these craft fairs and hopefully some of what we learn can be applied to our Internet business.

As for our Jewelry Display Trees, well, their working out okay except on the very windy days. It seems our packaged jewelry hanging from the limbs create a sail for them and they just want to fly off the tables! I think these would be better used as a stationary, indoor display. So, back to the drawing board for Jewelry Displays for our outdoor craft shows!

Anyway, just thought I would post a few pictures of our shows. Have a great day everybody!

Jewels Under the Sun blog 4

Okay, our Jewelry Display Trees are ready to use! Check out our progress in the pictures and thank you for stopping by!

We all had a great time making these Jewelry Display Trees. This was part of our family- fun-time, doesn’t feel like work at all when your doing what you love to do! We’re finally finished, UNLESS, we decide to add some lace around the tops of the pots and possibly cover them with polyurethane so they will hold up better. We’ve already used them at our first booth setup, Fayetteville First Thursday artwalk. They worked out very well, but we found that’s it’s better if you use twisty ties to hold the bag clips onto the branches so the jewelry doesn’t all slide together or fall off the tree. Hope this blog gave you all a new craft project idea, it’s a very usable item and it has that country appeal! Remember the old saying “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again”, I use this saying a lot! (check out blog 2 and 3 and you’ll know why! lol

Using our Jewelry Display Trees at the Fayetteville First Thursday artwalk.

We’ve only just begun (again)!

Cloth swatches! We decided to make a patchwork design on our pots instead of using the heavy mortar!

White school glue, works great for a lot of projects!

I’m working! Really, look at my pot, it’s almost finished!

My hubby enjoys crafting too!

How many people does it take to make 3 jewelry tree displays?

Hand crafting sure is messy!

Voila! This is one of our finished jewelry display trees.

Jewels Under the Sun Blog 3

Hi everybody! We finally finished (almost) the Jewelry Tree Displays!!! Sorry it took so long, but here we are trying to finish them up. We used them at our first craft show, Fayetteville First Thursday and they worked out very well!  Check out the pictures to follow us all the way through to our (almost) finished displays.

Our son at work!

Thank goodness for the help!

It’s fun to play boss (even though no one ever really listens to me, lol)!

Time to add the gems.

Yippee, done for the day!

Well, tomorrow’s another day (but we probably won’t get back to these until next week sometime)!

Thanks for checking out our blog and sticking with us through this (unnecessarily) LONG project!

Check out our next blog to see them finally completed (for real!)

jewels under the sun blog 2

Well, we’ve started working on our jewelry displays. Being the creative people that we are, we decided that it would be much more fun and interesting if we made them ourselves instead of buying something manufactured from a store. After a month and a half we’re about halfway finished with them (maybe store bought has it’s advantages).

Hanging jewelry from tree branches does seem to make a very nice display, so that is the theme that we decided to go with, and living here in Arkansas we had no problem finding material to work with.  Besides the branches, all we needed were some type of  containers, mortar, coloring, and some gems to give it a little pizzazz!

So far, here’s how it has progressed:


Okay, it’s gotten a little better and I think we’re going to be able to salvage these displays. Yippee! It’s not going to be a failure after all! I may be able to move this blog over to the Artistic Successes category.  It may take another month and a half, but I’ll get back to you all! Have a great summer!!!

The Missing Roses

The Missing Roses

As most of you know Jewels Under the Sun and Trinkets Too specializes in handcrafted jewelry, wood works and misc. craft items. I had planned on crafting real flower jewelry preserved in resin and my sister-in-law had this beautiful yellow rose bush in her front yard. Since we both make items for the business she was going to let me use all of them, but she made the mistake of telling SOMEONE what I had planned to do with the roses when they were completely bloomed. Well, within just a couple of days SOMEONE cut every single rose bloom off the bush! They didn’t take any part of the stems. They snipped them right below the blooms, so it was obvious that they weren’t taking them to put in a vase and enjoy for their beauty! The person that did this is very immature and obviously mentally unstable. How sad that some people are so petty and hateful that they would just waste such beauty. Someone sent the following to me on Facebook and I try to keep it in mind. Do not let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace. (author unknown)


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