Jewels Under the Sun and Trinkets Too (JUSTT) NW Arkansas, Craft Shows in the Ozark Mountains.

NW Arkansas is well known for Arts and Craft shows, and if you didn’t know it before, now you do. Here in the Ozark mountains you will find many skilled artists and craftsman. Many of the traditional crafts are still carried on here today, like basket making and quilting, but Fayetteville is known as Funky town so we fit right in! Most of our jewelry isn’t traditional, we like to put a spin on things and try to be really creative and unique (or funky, lol).   We set-up our first booth at the Fayetteville First Thursday Art walk in August and have already been Exhibitors at several more shows since then. In the spring and fall, there is no shortage of Craft Fairs here in the Ozarks!

Oct. 18th, 19th, and 20th, we’ll be at the Centerton, AR  Craft Fair. War Eagle Mills is the big Arts and Craft Fair here in NW Arkansas in both the Spring and Fall. It will be running at the same time we’ll be in Centerton, except on Sunday, the 21st. We’re hoping that everyone will wander on over from War Eagle. We heard that there should be around 250,000 people coming into the area for all the shows! That’s a lot of people looking for hand crafted items!  Maybe some of them will be looking for, unique, one of a kind, and funky!

If your a very artistic, crafty, creative, or even musically inclined individual, maybe you should be calling the Ozark mountains your new home! Especially Fayetteville, AR! Home of Jewels Under the Sun and Trinkets Too (JUSTT).

Come on out to see us in Centerton in October! We’ve got a lot of beautiful one of kind jewelry, wooden plaques, and shelf-sitters made.  If you can’t find just what your looking for, we do accept custom  orders and will work with you until we’ve made it just to your specifications. If we can’t make it, we’ll let you know right up front.


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