Jewels Under the Sun blog 4

Okay, our Jewelry Display Trees are ready to use! Check out our progress in the pictures and thank you for stopping by!

We all had a great time making these Jewelry Display Trees. This was part of our family- fun-time, doesn’t feel like work at all when your doing what you love to do! We’re finally finished, UNLESS, we decide to add some lace around the tops of the pots and possibly cover them with polyurethane so they will hold up better. We’ve already used them at our first booth setup, Fayetteville First Thursday artwalk. They worked out very well, but we found that’s it’s better if you use twisty ties to hold the bag clips onto the branches so the jewelry doesn’t all slide together or fall off the tree. Hope this blog gave you all a new craft project idea, it’s a very usable item and it has that country appeal! Remember the old saying “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again”, I use this saying a lot! (check out blog 2 and 3 and you’ll know why! lol

Using our Jewelry Display Trees at the Fayetteville First Thursday artwalk.

We’ve only just begun (again)!

Cloth swatches! We decided to make a patchwork design on our pots instead of using the heavy mortar!

White school glue, works great for a lot of projects!

I’m working! Really, look at my pot, it’s almost finished!

My hubby enjoys crafting too!

How many people does it take to make 3 jewelry tree displays?

Hand crafting sure is messy!

Voila! This is one of our finished jewelry display trees.


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