The Missing Roses

The Missing Roses

As most of you know Jewels Under the Sun and Trinkets Too specializes in handcrafted jewelry, wood works and misc. craft items. I had planned on crafting real flower jewelry preserved in resin and my sister-in-law had this beautiful yellow rose bush in her front yard. Since we both make items for the business she was going to let me use all of them, but she made the mistake of telling SOMEONE what I had planned to do with the roses when they were completely bloomed. Well, within just a couple of days SOMEONE cut every single rose bloom off the bush! They didn’t take any part of the stems. They snipped them right below the blooms, so it was obvious that they weren’t taking them to put in a vase and enjoy for their beauty! The person that did this is very immature and obviously mentally unstable. How sad that some people are so petty and hateful that they would just waste such beauty. Someone sent the following to me on Facebook and I try to keep it in mind. Do not let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace. (author unknown)



Jewels Under the Sun and Trinkets Too (JUSTT) First time blogging

Just want to say “Hello” to everyone and let you know what my blogs will be about! This is my first attempt at blogging, actually my second, but the first one is lost somewhere in cyberspace, lol. I had it all typed out on another blog site last week and when I went back to look it over this week it wasn’t there! Like most things it may show up again in the future when I least expect it, but no since in wasting my time looking for it. Well, I think I’ll start the blogs off with our zany artworks that didn’t work out the way we expected them too. Some of them have been quite comical and a few a little sad. No matter what though, we always enjoy what we are doing whether our creativity is in high or low gear. We love this path that we have chosen to follow. Making jewelry, ponytail wraps,  wood works, hand painted craft items, trinkets, etc. gives us such an open outlet to be as creative as we can possibly be! It also leaves us wide open for a lot of errors and mishaps! lol I’ll be sure to include as many pictures as possible (if I can on this site) of our little disasters so that you can all experience our successes and failures right along with us!

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